Scilly Birding; Joining the Maddening Crowd

by Simon Davey

Scilly Birding; Joining the Maddening Crowd


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For sure, to the 'average' man or woman in the street, twitching (the competitive recording of wild birds, either as site, year or life lists) often appears as some kind of madness, an obsession. But is this obsession any more mad than wishing to be an Olympic gold medallist, or be the first at any particular competitive, goal-orientated pursuit? In this particular story, the author travels to the mecca of British birding, the Isles of Scilly, and, along with numerous fellow enthusiasts, homes in on the rarities and vagrants blown off course from their normal migration routes, and which by chance land alive - but often exhausted - on these remote islands.

For all those who love birds and enjoy visiting such isolated habitats, Scilly Birding; Joining the Madding Crowd will surely find resonance and will inspire not only devotees to follow in his footsteps, but also be privileged to witness many a rarity usually only seen in North America, mainland Europe or even Africa. A very enjoyable and well-written book about a hobby that also has scientific value, is great fun, as well as proving a severe challenge, physically and spiritually.